Your HVAC system is a costly home component and requires cleaning and maintenance chores to keep it operating effectively and efficiently. Breakdowns are more likely to occur in systems that are not well maintained. Affordable Air & Heating wants you to know how to manage your HVAC system to keep it clean and well-maintained.

Understanding the Importance of HVAC Maintenance

On average, heating and cooling systems last 15 to 20 years before they need replacing. You can prolong your system’s lifespan with a couple of easy steps. In addition to these maintenance chores, we urge you to learn about our preventative maintenance package to lower your heating and cooling costs and extend your system’s lifespan.

HVAC systems experience wear and tear over time, making them work less efficiently. Lowered efficiency means higher energy costs for you. Our goal is to help you understand your responsibilities for maintenance and those best left to our professional HVAC technicians.

Tips for HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do for your HVAC system is change the filter as often as the manufacturer recommends. Infrequent filter cleanings and changes allow dirt and grime to build up and cause overheating and system damage. The dirt and grime not filtered travel throughout your home, creating indoor air quality concerns.

Most manufacturers recommend changing your HVAC filter every 90 days, but you may need to change it more frequently, depending on your environment. If your system is older or you have pets, you should aim for changes every 30 to 60 days.

It is also important to clean around your outside unit and keep it free from debris that could block airflow. You should check your outdoor unit throughout the year for weeds, leaves, limbs, and the overgrowth of plants. Keep all plants trimmed three feet away from your outdoor unit.

Always shut down the HVAC unit before doing any cleaning chores. Rake the leaves around your unit and remove any wayward or fallen limbs that could endanger your fan’s function. It is essential to check your outdoor unit for debris in late fall and spring before turning on the heat or air conditioning.

Professional HVAC Maintenance Is Essential

At Affordable Air & Heating, we offer a thorough maintenance package that helps keep your HVAC system operating safely and efficiently. We want you to know what is included in our maintenance services so you can prepare.


We will first check the filter to ensure it is clean and the proper size. Using the wrong type and size of filter can negatively impact your unit’s function. Our technicians will instruct you on choosing the right filter to meet your system’s needs. We will answer any questions you have about filter changes and cleanings.


Many parts of your HVAC system need lubrication to prevent wear and tear and ensure they move correctly. We will check and lubricate all moving parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Lubrication will help prolong the lifespan of these vital parts and prevent costly breakdowns.


Another part of HVAC maintenance involves checking the refrigerant levels to ensure they are at the right level and pressure. Your HVAC system should never “use up” refrigerant. If the levels get lowered, a leak needs to be addressed. We will test the refrigerant to ensure it does its job correctly and does not need topping off. We will inform you if we discover a leak during this check and look for the cause.


Over time, the condenser coils of your outdoor unit can become grimy. The coating of dirt can cause improper cooling and heating, making your HVAC unit work harder than necessary. Our technicians will inspect the condenser coil for signs of damage and clean it safely and effectively. We do not recommend a DIY approach to cleaning these coils because you can damage your condenser components and need a replacement.

It is essential to clean the condenser at least once a year and sometimes twice, depending on the environment. Failure to keep the condenser coils clean can lead to catastrophic damage to the compressor, which would require a costly replacement.


Like other components, your HVAC’s electrical system can suffer damage, leading to fire and electrical shock risks. Electrical connections can also loosen over time because of system vibrations. Our technicians will check each electrical connection and ensure its continuity. We will tighten any loose connections and replace worn electrical components so your HVAC system operates safely. You should never operate an HVAC unit that has electrical damage. If you smell a burning smell, shut the unit down immediately and call for repairs.


The thermostat controls your HVAC system and tells the system when to heat and cool. A malfunctioning thermostat will cause your system to switch on and off erratically. We will inspect your thermostat and calibrate it to keep it working effectively. If we notice any concerns with its operations, we will inform you and give you options for replacement. We will also offer information on Smart thermostats that allow you to control your HVAC system, even when you are away from home.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Maintenance?

You already know professional HVAC maintenance keeps operation costs down and expands your system’s lifespan, but you may not realize maintenance cuts down on the risks of breakdowns. Around 90% of mechanical failures are due to a lack of maintenance. This means breakdowns are highly preventable; all it takes is a call to us. Consider the following benefits of our maintenance package.

  • Peace of mind in knowing the system operates safely
  • A decrease in unplanned downtime
  • Improved health and safety
  • Enhanced heating and cooling
  • Save money on costly repairs and replacements

It is not enough to keep your filters and outdoor unit clean. Some manufacturers will not honor the warranty unless owners seek professional maintenance on a specific schedule. Most require annual maintenance appointments, but some manufacturers may require a greater frequency. We will help you stay on schedule.

Allow Us to Maintain Your HVAC System

Affordable Air & Heating is a full-service HVAC company focused on providing the services our customers need at a price they can afford. We have operated since 1996 and provide installation, maintenance, and repair for all makes and models of heating and cooling systems, including mini splits and heat pumps.

We also provide services for indoor air quality, air purifiers, air humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and insulation. We offer special promotions on our website, and you can visit and request an appointment or call the office.

We make sure we hire the best technicians in the industry and provide them with ongoing training to keep abreast of the ever-changing HVAC industry. You can rest assured that we will strive to keep your HVAC system running at its prime so your home stays comfortable all year. Call Affordable Air & Heating today to schedule your HVAC cleaning and maintenance appointment.

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