Whether you’ve noticed that your air conditioning system isn’t working as efficiently as it used to or it’s suddenly stopped working, upgrading to a new system may be your only option. There are tons of great AC systems on the market that can provide a plethora of energy savings. Choosing the appropriate time of year can help to slash your purchase price and ensure a smooth transition to your new air conditioning system.

Avoid the Summer at All Costs

Summertime is the absolute worst time to have a new air conditioning system installed for many reasons. First and foremost, your family will have to bear the brunt of hot weather until an AC service technician can install your new system. When you call for installation, you can expect a long delay during the summer months because most service calls are for emergency air conditioner repair and cooling maintenance services.

Opt For Fall or Spring

There’s still an ongoing debate whether it’s best to have your new air conditioning system installed in the late fall or early spring. While both sides have great pros, the reality is that it doesn’t really matter. The off-season time for AC installers is November, February, and March. These are times that they’re not rushed with working on air conditioning systems and furnaces.

Fall installs tend to be between November and early December. Spring installs typically happen between late February and March. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid most of December and January when harsh weather can wreak havoc on the outdoors. But, setting up an install in either late fall or early spring will ensure that you get on the schedule and you don’t have to go without air conditioning during the extremely hot months.

More Discounts and Rebates

One of the biggest advantages of opting to have your air conditioning system installed during the off-season is that there are a plethora of discounts and rebates that you can take advantage of. Realize that HVAC professionals don’t have as much work in the off-season, so they’re more willing to drop prices to get work. You can take advantage of this by scheduling your installation in their off-season. Be sure to check for any seasonal financing offers that you can take advantage of.

Replace Your System Before It Breaks

Don’t fall into a common pitfall of waiting until your current air conditioning system kicks the bucket before you purchase a new one. Typically, there are many signs that will indicate that you need to replace your cooling system soon.

Some of the most common include:
  • It’s approaching 15 years old
  • Humidity problems
  • Cooling inconsistency
  • Loud noises during operation
  • Higher energy bills

It’s vital that you have one of our experienced HVAC professionals evaluate your air conditioning system to verify that it needs to be replaced. They can give you an idea of when you should replace your system and let you know what your new system’s cooling capacity needs to be so that you can get the right-sized unit for your home.

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Constant Repairs Signal It’s Time

As a homeowner, it’s common to have malfunctions with your air conditioning system from time to time. However, when it nears the end of its lifespan, your cooling system is going to require constant repairs. If you’ve noticed that you’re repairing your system every single year, it’s time to think about spending your hard-earned money on a new system instead.

Home Renovations Are a Good Time

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re going to be tackling a home renovation project at one point or another. This typically means months of interruption while renovations are underway. If your cooling system is reaching the point where it’s going to need to be replaced in the near future, renovations are always a good time to do so. You might as well endure both interruptions at the same time.

Additionally, your renovations may include rerouting ducting or adding more on. Since you’ll have HVAC technicians there anyway, you should consider having your new cooling system installed. This will help to ensure that you have an updated system that will be able to handle any new additions that you opt to install on your home. You can even invest in zone cooling to make your home more comfortable in the future.

When You’re Buying a New Home

When you go to purchase a new home, it’s crucial that you evaluate the state of the current cooling system. If it’s approaching 15 years old, now is a great time to consider upgrading it. This helps to ensure that it will be appropriately sized for your home and that you won’t have to worry about air conditioning system breakdowns in the near future. You might as well make the investment in a home cooling system while you’re spending a good chunk of change to purchase your new home.

When Your Furnace Needs Replacement

One of the best investments you can make for your home is to opt for replacing your heating system and your cooling system at the same time. Most HVAC providers will offer a bundle discount on both price and labor. This can translate to some great savings and ensures that you’ll only endure one interruption instead of two. Additionally, when you replace your cooling and heating systems at the same time, it becomes simpler to know when you’ll need to replace both in the future.

Your System Has an R-22 Refrigerant Leak

Most of the older air conditioning systems use R-22 refrigerant. While this was widely available, its production has since been banned by the EPA. It was determined that R-22 is contributing to a depletion in the ozone layer. As of 2020, only recovered and reclaimed R-22 supplies are legal.

If your home air conditioning system has developed a refrigerant leak of R-22, you’re typically better of replacing the entire system. Not only is R-22 extremely expensive when you can find it, but it’s not a guaranteed fix. As your cooling system ages, it will develop more leaks in your coils that will require more refrigerant to be added.

You’re Tired of High Energy Bills

It’s well-known that the older your cooling system gets, the less efficient it will operate. You’ll end up spending more money to run your system throughout the summertime. If you’re tired of facing high energy bills over the summer, it may be time to consider upgrading to a new cooling system. Cooling technology has come a long way in recent decades. If your existing air conditioning system is over 10 years old, then you can enjoy cashing in on some major energy savings when you opt for updating to a more modern system.

Reliable AC Installation

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